The Nature We Become

Nikki's forthcoming fantasy novel, The Nature We Become, led us to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in the enchanting mountains of rural New Mexico where we lived deeply immersed in nature for two years studying wolves and the land, all of which play an integral role in this story.

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The Nature We Become is a fantasy novel following the opposing lives of two families as their fates are thrust together and intertwined.

A burgeoning population coupled with mismanaged land use, the fallout of environmental degradation of civilizations past, and the vying for resources between the kingdom’s classes are the ingredients threatening the state with social crisis. The grip of the military’s ever-tightening fist keeps the king from his people and the people from their king, while a fledgling colony rife with its own struggle is purported to be the kingdom’s greatest solution.

Royal siblings, Silvana and Sage, the inheritors of a kingdom’s failing monarchy, have grown up in a time of increased strife and widespread disapproval of their family’s reign. Seeing the folly in a way of ruling that is no longer effective or just, they remain dissatisfied with the world their elders are creating for them, but are unable to affect the momentum of a system established and propagated by their father and those who came before him.

Elias, a farmer fed up with the way his family and people are treated by the regime, sends a message to the king that cannot be ignored, unwittingly putting himself at the center of a revolutionary movement that will change the course of the entire kingdom.

As the characters are brought face to face, their lives unravel and simultaneously weave. The barrier between the dream world and reality begins to shift and blur in a series of mystical events. Encounters with a ghostly wolf pack, a mysterious village elder, and the remnants of an ancient civilization, speak of foreign lands and the whispered secrets of forgotten history, confronting them with the very nature of who they are.

The Nature We Become is an adventurous tale steeped in self-discovery, and the search for a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between our inner and outer worlds.